Masters of Magic

Session One

The heroes of the Shadowlord War gathered together to debate which Master Wizard they wished to follow, after some debate the players decided to follow Merlin, the Sagelord. Upon further introspection our heroes enlisted the aid of Serena the Healer having convinced her that her talents would be more useful with Merlin than with Ariel who she had intended to follow. Zaldron the Sage had previously decided to follow Merlin and joined the party for the time being.

Upon arriving on Moridun the party found it to be snowing lightly, a fact that Zaldron commented was odd as it did not usually snow this time of year on Moridun. Nonetheless a little odd weather wasn’t terribly surprising and the colonists made a days travel to the east from the Planar Link and began the process of setting up camp. A week passed with little activity but on the seventh night a large flash and explosion of sound was heard from the direction of the Planar Link.



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