The Players (on the third round of voting) chose to follow Merlin.
Starting Bonus: Gain a +1 Lore bonus to each of the following skills: Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, and Religion. Additionally you gain 1 bonus language of your choice.

Merlin’s Spellbook


City Enchantment

Creature Enchantment

Global Enchantment




Before the war Merlin was Headmaster of the NOL Collegium on Arcanus, the premier wizard school of the Planes. A kind-hearted and wise old man Merlin was and is extremely well respected among the wizard community. After the Shadowlord appeared Merlin argued ably that the NOL should allow wizards to aid in the defense of the Planes in any way they could without breaking NOL law, but the First Circle voted against his proposal and forbade any wizards from taking part in the war.

Merlin attempted to abide by the Circle’s ruling, but the kindly old man could only sit idly by for so long while destruction and death was being sown in the frontier Planes. Finally he resigned his position and set off to aid the Resistance in any way he could. Merlin’s departure set off a veritable exodus of wizards to the Resistance forces, a fact for which they were extraordinarily thankful.

Merlin single-handedly organized the Resistance from the scattered frontier forces into a coherent fighting force, and in the end, was instrumental in devising the spell that defeated the Shadowlord for good in the final battle.


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