Before the war Jak was an up and coming wizard from the frontier Plane of Treviso, when the Shadowlord’s Planar Link appeared on his home Plane Jak abandoned his doctoral studies at the NOL Collegium on Arcanus and rushed to provide what aid he could. Against the Shadowlord’s might the only thing he could do was watch his home Plane burn, along with it his family and loved ones. Jak swore undying vengeance and set out to kill the Shadowlord, a task he was ill prepared for; Jak was swiftly obliterated by the magical might of the Shadowlord.

One hundred and one days later Jak’s spirit rose from the ground where he had been slain and repeated his vow of undying vengeance. Now using powerful and forbidden necromancy Jak, now R’jak, opened a second front in the Shadowlord’s rear and wreaked havoc with his undead armies.

With the Shadowlord defeated R’jak has released his undead back to their well deserved rest, but yet he remains, for reasons the wraith is ill-inclined to explain.


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