Previously the Professor of Applied Mathemagicks at the NOL Collegium on Arcanus, Tauron was famed as a disciplinarian, but still widely regarded to be a brilliant and effective teacher. Shortly after Merlin repudiated the NOL and went to join the Resistance Tauron resigned his post and vanished. He eventually reappeared leading a legion of orcs and their kin to join the resistance. It seemed Tauron had decided to mobilize the mightiest force available to him, the warring orc tribes, and had somehow managed to transform that fractious group into a disciplined force.

Tauron’s Legions became famed through the course of the war for their discipline and courage, and in the final battle the Legion held the center of the Resistance army with pride.

Tauron himself became known for the creative use of Mathemagicks to disrupt and destroy the Shadowlord’s forces.


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